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Continuous evolution and improvement

A website built to support you in the future

Get a scalable, better performing website, personalized to your image, true to your goals and to your tastes.

With our ever growing library of switchable templates, avoid an expensive redesign every 2 or 3 years by simply selecting a new, more recent designer-made template from the library.

Take advantage of a constantly improving platform with automatic updates allowing you to access the latest features as they become available.


Keep your mind at peace

AWS Infrastructure

99.9% uptime

Zéro maintenance

Enhanced security

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Enjoy complete autonomy

Enjoy complete autonomy in the management of all the contents of your website after it is launched.

As a perk included in your subscription, a dedicated team will train your employees in the use of RubberDuck so that they can maintain the website and add content as they wish.

Subsequently, our team will remain available to support your employees if any questions arise while using RubberDuck, or to plan another training session if new members join your team.

Work better, not harder

Explore powerful tools adapted to your needs

Explore the built-in apps developed to meet all of your operational needs.

Connect to your website the tools you already use in daily your business.

Make life easier for your marketing team by providing them with a platform that brings together all the tools designed for the most demanding professionals, SEO specialists and web marketing gurus.

All-in-one subscription

What's included in a RubberDuck subscription?

  • A website that continuously evolves and improves, without your intervention.
  • Unrestricted access to all built-in apps.
  • Full training for each member of your present and future team.
  • Priority access to a world-class technical support team.
  • Ultra-fast and ultra-reliable hosting. Without the hassle and complications.
  • Optimal security, always at the heart of our development.
  • The assurance of uncompromising continuity, no matter what happens to your agency.
  • The freedom to rejuvenate your website with a new template within minutes, without having to go through the hustle of a full redesign.

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Need help?

RubberDuck's professionals and partner agencies are experts from all areas of marketing and web. Depending on their specialties, they can support you for your content creation, digital strategy, advertising and of course web design needs.

Talk to your agency about RubberDuck, select an expert from our directory, or let us find the perfect partner for you who will fully meet your expectations.