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Why switch to RubberDuck?

Simply put, RubberDuck is better suited to your agency's day-to-day reality!

Pick RubberDuck for your AGENCY

  • Full onboarding
  • Automatic updates
  • Full access to demos, sandboxes and sales tools
  • Free training and monthly webinars
  • Priority support via email, phone or chat
  • Generate monthly recurring income for your agency

Pick RubberDuck for your CLIENTS

  • Constant flow of improvements and new features
  • Full access to all integrated apps and features
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • No contract, ever
  • Unlimited bandwith, secure hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Complete training and comprehensive client support


Can my clients edit their websites on their own?

Absolutely. Easier than with any other CMS on the market.

How much does RubberDuck costs?

We will present you with RubberDuck's unique pricing model in full detail and all the proper explanations during your demo with us.

What features are included with a website?

All the RubberDuck natives features are included - with or without the e-commerce features depending on whether or not your client need them.

Can I try RubberDuck before I have to pay?

As a partner agency, you'll get all the tools, sandboxes and demos you need to create and test RubberDuck for free.

Do I have to plan for future updates fees?

No, future updates and functionalities are included.

Can my client cancel anytime?


What client support does RubberDuck offer?

Partner agencies receive full onboarding and priority support via email, phone or chat.

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