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Build better websites, faster with RubberDuck

Discover a rich program allowing freelancers, agencies and consultants to generate recurring income

Websites that evolve without your intervention

RubberDuck gives you the ability to deliver websites that continuously evolve and improve without your intervention. No code required, no need for a programmer.

Enjoy all the features requested by the most demanding professionals, SEO specialists and web marketing gurus.

Our primary goal is to enable you to offer the website creation service - without the usual technical complications and hassles - while crystallizing the relationship between your client and you.

Collaborate and engage with a dedicated team obsessed with your success

Full Onboarding • Live Chat • Continued Support • Weekly Webinars • Tutorials • Courses • Growing Discord Community

Keep all your client projects at your fingertips

Manage all your websites in one place with a single password. Assign roles and permissions as needed and facilitate communication with your customers.

Quickly navigate between your clients' websites, whether they are custom websites or templates from the library.

Save time by applying certain changes to multiple websites at once, a fantastic solution for a brand with several locations or a franchise.

Cut down production time, build more websites

Control your workflow and build websites in hours instead of days or weeks.

Accurately price your services knowing up front what you will need for a project.

Precisely estimate your own costs with the RubberDuck Project Calculator and get help preparing your quotes.

Execute on your promise and deliver results for your clients

Focus on what you do best, rather it being content creation, branding, marketing or else.

Use designer-made templates and easily set your clients up for success.

Build, publish, and manage forms, popups, and website pages quickly to capture traffic and convert visitors.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite marketing tools and engage with customers on every level.

Pass projects onto your clients smoothly

A dedicated support team will train your clients on how to use RubberDuck so they can maintain their website, add contents and manage users after the project has been completed.

Subsequently, our team will remain available to support customers if there are questions or new needs that arise, or to plan a new training session if new team members join the company on their side.

These technical support and training services are included in the monthly subscription paid by the customer, but the customer will be redirected to his agency if he has requests for additions or changes to his websites that are billable.

Become an expert and start building recurring income

Our generous partner program offers a simple way to make money for building websites with RubberDuck. With our unique revenue sharing model, you can quickly start building recurring income and elevate your company valuation.

Get up to 50% of all payments for ever, as long as your client has an active website.

Also, you can receive more opportunities and get hired for projects with an agency profile on RubberDuck's Experts Directory.

Enjoy the perks of the partner program - it's free!

The monthly subscription is always free for freelancers and partner agencies who want to design their own website with RubberDuck.

Benefit from administrative support in the copywriting of your customer contracts and gain access to service agreement models for your web services.

Enjoy premium seating at partner events and receive invitations to exclusive RubberDuck events in your area.

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