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Jobs & Careers

Integrated app

RubberDuck's native Jobs & Careers integrated app allows you to plan and manage the online posting of available positions in a organization, with a minimum of effort and follow-up, just like a pro headhunters agency.

  • Support your client recruitment initiatives with native job posting and application tracking native RubberDuck's features.
  • Your business customers will be able to automate the dates of start and end of posting of a position, separate them by category, efficiently duplicate an existing position and keep track of all applications received.
  • It is possible to easily display a selection of available positions in any page using the dedicated Featured jobs section or create a job offers directory on the website.
  • Through enriched data, RubberDuck Websites automatically share information on available positions with Google for Jobs.
  • RubberDuck's native form builder allows to easily create an application form that will gather all the important questions to ask a potential candidate.
  • Soon you will be able to automate response messages to applications received and even keep a bank of applications worthy of the biggest recruiting agencies. You will be able to compile statistics and export reports for the HR department of your business client.

RubberDuck's Jobs & Career integrated app will become an essential part of your customers' toolbox, allowing them to gather all the data related to their recruitment in one place, without additional fees.

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No plugins, no security breaches, no complications

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