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Launch tens, hundreds or thousands of websites for your franchisees in a couple of days

Make adjustments and optimizations simultaneously across all websites

The first website creator suited to the reality of franchisors

Offer a website to your franchisees, from a template built exclusively for your organization, tailored to your brand image, your objectives and your tastes.

Develop tailored solutions to connect websites to any management tools you already use.

Launch tens, hundreds or thousands of websites in a couple of days.

Collaborate and engage with a dedicated team obsessed with your success

Full Onboarding • Live Chat • Continued Support • Weekly Webinars • Tutorials • Courses

Get up and running faster and always stay up to date

Deploy a new franchisee's website in less than 48 hours.

Save time by making changes, adjustments and optimizations on all franchisee websites simultaneously.

Make life easier for your marketing teams by standardizing practices surrounding the image and reputation of your franchise.

Benefit from websites that continuously evolve and improve, without your intervention.

Keep it all under control

Maintain constant and rigorous control over your image and ensure consistent use of your brand.

Keep full access to the management of all your franchisees' websites, and switch between them instantly in the same interface.

Control the access and permission levels of each contributor, in each website.

Assign roles and permissions as needed and facilitate communications between franchisees, marketing experts and the franchisor.

Offer autonomy and simplicity to your franchisees

A dedicated team will train your franchisees in the use of RubberDuck so that they can maintain their website, add content and manage users after the launch is complete.

Subsequently, our team remains available to support franchisees if there are questions or new needs that arise, or to plan a new training session if new members join their team.

Stable, secure & scalable

AWS infrastructure • 99.9% uptime • Zero maintenance • Enhanced security

Capture long-term value and protect previous investments

Keep control of all assets of the website and its reputation even when a franchisee decides to leave.

You won't lose any of the past investments and optimization work affecting the brand awareness, reputation and positioning of the website on search engines.

Easily recover this value for the benefit of a future franchisee in the same area or territory.

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