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Design & structure

Standardized sections

We have anticipated your needs and created 60 model sections for you that will allow you to easily fulfill your clients requests. Available with a single click, you will be able to any section anywhere in your websites.

Edit images by device

Optimize every image for each device. For each image area, you will be able to use a different image with precise proportions to fit each device.

Multi-language support

Create websites supporting as many languages ​​as you want. You can even use a language of your own invention if you can come up with it!

Multilingual content management

Work two languages side by side, no need to change page or switch tab. So easy you won't be able to work without it.

Forms builder

Help visitors get in touch easily. RubberDuck allows you to easily create an unlimited number of forms. Integrate them into any page and easily manage to whom communications will be sent.

Single-click translation

Translate your content instantly thanks to our native integration of Google Translate features within RubberDuck.

W3C compliance

RubberDuck websites and themes are compliant with W3C standards right out of the box.

Live preview (available soon)

Preview while you work and review how it looks like before it goes live.

Drag&Drop editor

With the RubberDuck unique section system, you can add, move or delete sections according to your clients needs and build remarkable pages in few seconds. No code required, no coder needed.

Multisites & themes

Franchisors and chains ultimate solution

Franchisors and chains, take control of your brand and keep a hand on your franchisee's or branch's websites while giving them the power to manage their own content.

Grouping Websites (available soon)

Categorize and organize the websites you manage by creating groups according to your situation.

Update multiple websites instantly

RubberDuck offers the possibilty to develop custom functionalities that would give you the power to make updates on multiple websites at the same time.

Templates librairy

Select a template in the librairy to quickly and easily create a Website in few hours or ask us about the RubberDuck custom creation formula for agencies.

Instant theme switch

Every theme from the RubberDuck library are compatible with each other, so you can easily switch them without the need to start over.

A single account to rule them all

Easily manage all your clients' Websites from a single account. Use only one password and get specific permissions tailored for each website.

Optimisation & SEO


Easily edit the metadata of each page individually and preview how it will look in Google.

Rel = nofollow / noreferrer attribute

Keep control over the link juice within each page and make sure you get the most out of the ranking of each URLs by making the best use of nofollow and noreferrer attributes.

Rel = canonical attribute

Avoid duplicate content issues by specifying the canonical or favorite version of a Web page.

Page speed optimization

All pages are automatically optimized for the best speed to provide a seamless user experience and make the most of the search engines.

H1-H6 title tags

Easily manage the content hierarchy of each page with the native easy to edit H1-H6 title tags.

Image optimization

All images are automatically optimized and resized, per device. You will be able to easily manage alt tags, URLs, credits and file names on the server.

Dynamic Sitemap

RubberDuck will automatically generate a sitemap.xml file for each URL changes.

Customizable Page URLs

Customize the URL of any page on the website to increase the visibility on search engines and let visitors know which page they are on.


Easily manage Robots.txt files to take full advantage of the crawling function of search engines.

Centralized interface for redirections management (coming soon)

A centralized interface helps you have a full view of a website's redirections and lets you apply bulk changes to them.

Open Graph Support (available soon)

RubberDuck use Open Graph markers to share website images, titles, and page descriptions with popular social networks.


Ensure that the migration was successfully carried out, without any problems, using the redirections management integrated tools.

Centralized interface for metadata management (available soon)

A centralized interface helps you have a full view of a website's metadatas and lets you apply bulk changes to them.

Rich snippets

Provide market segmentation, decision-making and analysis information, so that you can better manage strategies and how websites can be discovered on search engines.


Easily add or edit scripts, tags or pixels in the <head>, the <body> or the footer for each page or for the entier site.

Native RubberDuck tools

Page layout tools

Organised your Websites in few clicks and visualised your pages' hierachy in a look, in theintuitive interface of this management module. You will be able to quickly create an unlimited number of pages, according to your needs.

Calendar & Events tools

Promote all types of events. Structure each event page individually and manage its name, description, image, event location, contact person details, price, link to buy a ticket or more. Filter by date, category, price or city to browse through an unlimited number of events.

Reservations & Appointment tools

Integrate and automated reservation system to your clients Websites. This module allows businesses or individuals to create availabilities calendar in which a website user can select a time slot and quickly fix an appointment.

News & Blog tools

Easily and quickly create blog or news posts with the RubberDuck unique Drag&Drop editor. Build each post individually and manage its title, writer name, reading time, medias (images or videos), release and posting date, and much more. RubberDuck also integrates a system to manage comments for each post. Filter by category or tag to browse through an unlimited number of posts or news.

Products & Catalog tools

Create a catalog of your clients products. For each product, manage its description, images, options, variants, inventory, price and much more. Filter by category, sub-category ou use de search bar by keyword to browse through an unlimited number of products.

Services & Expertise tools

Integrate pages to presente and describe your clients' services. Structure each page individually. For each service, manage its description, images, content and more. Filter by category to browse through an unlimited number of services.

Jobs & Careers tools

Help your clients to find new talents. Manage available jobs and applications. RubberDuck is natively integrated with Google Jobs. For each job, manage its title, posting date, start date, description, requirements, work place, type, schedule and much more. Filter by category to browse through an unlimited number of available jobs.

Teams & Members tools

Easily manage the business' team members or employees. For each employee, manage his picture, biography, title, position, details, social media and more. Filter by category to browse through an unlimited number of employees.

Portfolio & Case studies tools

Make any business shine by showing off its finest achievements. Structure each achievement or case study page individually and manage its image gallery, description, title, client name and Website, location, date and more. Filter by category to browse through an unlimited number of case studies.

Shopping cart & E-Commerce

Third-party integrations

Payment gateway, shipping service provider, POS, ERP, CRM, invoicing software and more. You can ask for your favorite third-party platforms API integration to meet all your needs and optimize your customers' processes.

Currency management (available soon)

Manage currencies and exchange rates within RubberDuck.

Territories and delivery options

Set up territories and use them to make delivery options fit your needs. Each delivery options has its own pricing structure based the the order total cost. You can offer delivery options such as in-store pickup or delivery through a renowned shipping service, all of which are natively integrated in RubberDuck.

Online secure payment options

Seamlessly add secure credit card payment to any website. Renowned payment gateways are natively part of RubberDuck and allow instant setup.

Taxes management (available soon)

Manage the taxes to apply for each territory covered by an online store.

Order management

Search, sort and filter through online orders. Export them easily and assign them a predefined status.

Customer login (available soon)

Give users a customer account where they can find their billing history, favorite products and much more.

Shopping cart

RubberDuck seamlessly integrates robust and secure shopping cart functionalities to let you easily build online stores for your clients. There is no limit to the number of products and the volume of transactions.

Promotional codes and discount generator

Quickly create and manage promotional codes and discounts that can be used in the shopping cart. For each code, manage its ID, its description, its availabilities dates, the number of times it can be used, its discount rate in $ or in % and the products to which it can be used for. Apply discounts directly to selected products from the catalog, create a discount on shipping costs or for an entire order.

Administration settings & tools

Automatic updates and improvements

Always work with the most recent version of RubberDuck. There are no updates to do on your end, no security issues and no risk of incompatibility with plugins.

Unlimited number of users

Create an unlimited number of users and assign them permissions for specific modules.

REST API (available soon)

Seamlessly integrate website functions into your customers' business processes with RubberDuck's versatile APIs.

Edit content from anywhere, from any device.

The title says it all!

Custom dashboard

Personalize your clients' dashboard with analytical tools and all the useful data for web marketing.