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Shopping cart

RubberDuck seamlessly integrates robust and secure shopping cart functionalities to let you easily build online stores for your clients. There is no limit to the number of products and the volume of transactions.

Order management

Search, sort and filter through online orders. Export them easily and assign them a predefined status.

Promotional codes and discount generator

Quickly create and manage promotional codes and discounts that can be used in the shopping cart. For each code, manage its ID, its description, its availabilities dates, the number of times it can be used, its discount rate in $ or in % and the products to which it can be used for.

Apply discounts directly to selected products from the catalog, create a discount on shipping costs or for an entire order.

Territories and delivery options

Set up territories and use them to make delivery options fit your needs. Each delivery options has its own pricing structure based the the order total cost. You can offer delivery options such as in-store pickup or delivery through a renowned shipping service, all of which are natively integrated in RubberDuck.

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RubberDuck offers a whole host of features to build better sites, faster, without the help of a programmer.