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Directory & Members list

Built-in app

To create the members directory of an association or simply the employee page of a company's website, the RubberDuck Directory & Members list built-in app will allow you to segment your database by category or by department for more efficient navigation and search.

  • RubberDuck employee management features allow you to create an easily manageable employee or member directory on the website of your business or association clients.
  • The Directory & Members list built-in app makes it possible to present the team members of your clients separated into departments, to display their hierarchical position and list them so as to allow easy navigation between everyone.
  • Each has its own contact information, the possibility to display a biography, certifications, accreditations and even links to his social media accounts.
  • The native form builder interface in RubberDuck allows you to easily create a direct contact form to join by email each member of the team individually and securely.
  • It is also possible to easily display a selection of employees anywhere on the website with the dedicated Feature employees section.

RubberDuck's Directory & Members list integrated app makes it easier to manage staff movements within the organization. We still have to solve the challenge of taking having their photo taken each time a new hire comes in!

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