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Calendar & Events

Built-in app

Whether it's in person or virtual, training sessions and conferences through council meetings, 5@7 networking or even the charity's golf tournament, supercharge the events of your clients on the web with RubberDuck.

  • RubberDuck's Calendar & Events built-in app allows you to schedule and manage the display of online events without any plugins or complications.
  • You can separate them by category and assign them filters to simplify navigation and research in the dynamic calendar.
  • The native RubberDuck form builder is easy to use and let you build quick forms to collect event registrations and generate attendee lists for organizers.
  • It is possible to easily display a selection of events anywhere in the website with the dedicated Featured Events section.
  • Soon, your clients will be able to sell tickets online directly on their website.
  • With just a few clicks, it will be possible to easily get in touch with all the participants in an event, gather registration statistics and export reports.

RubberDuck's Calendar & Events built-in app is an ideal, robust and secure solution for publishing your clients' events of any size, try it out for free today.

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No plugins, no security breaches, no complications