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Bookings & Appointments

Built-in app

RubberDuck's Bookings & Appointments built-in app is an ideal tool for making online appointments with professionals of all fields. Your clients will be able to plan and manage the time slots available in the agenda for each member of their team.

  • RubberDuck's Bookings & Appointments built-in app is an ideal tool for professionals of all fields. It allows visitors to their website to make an appointment with them quickly online.
  • The native app allows your business customers to plan and manage the time slots available for each  members of their team.
  • Getting started is easy and the agenda management interface can help by instantly duplicating a day or a whole week to gain in efficiency.
  • You can create categories of services and register the members of each department.
  • RubberDuck's intuitive form builder allows to easily create an appointment form that will gather all informations relevant to the professional service they require. At the time of the booking, the app will automatically block the time slot selected by a visitor until the appointment is approved (or not) in the system by the professional.
  • Soon, professionals will be able to automate the creation of appointments in their agenda and even integrate and synchronize the available time slots with their own personal calendar.

The RubberDuck Bookings & Appointments built-in app is a nice, flexible and practical solution for simply organizing the online bookings within your clients' companies.

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