About us

Some very mighty ducks

Result of the work of an agency well established in its region and cumulating 20 years of experience in web development, RubberDuck was founded in 2020 with the mission of supporting professionals in all aspects of sales, planning, creation and management of websites.

Our story

Pain points

We started working on RubberDuck in 2018, with some basic ideas that we believe would dramatically improve the agency experience by bridging the gap between popular DIY platforms and complex CMSs requiring the involvement of experienced programmers or graphic designers.

Having ourselves occupied the delicate role of subcontractors for many years, we have witnessed the particular reality of agencies and professionals who perceive website creation as a necessary evil.

We have seen the huge chasm between their real needs, and the capabilities that are either too limited or unnecessarily complex, offered by popular website building tools.


Eliminate friction between agencies and their clients

Faced with an impossible choice, these agencies had to try to select the least worst solution, opt for subcontracting or simply stop offering the service, yet often considered a central element of their client's marketing strategy.

Today, RubberDuck offers a premier website builder tool for hundreds of professionals with opportunities to build their clients' websites. Whether it's an advertising firm, freelancers in design or marketing, traditional or digital agencies, our goal is to empower everyone to create and manage their own websites.

The RubberDuck platform allows professionals to quickly create responsive websites in large numbers that natively integrate the features most used by their customers. Every RubberDuck website is automatically optimized for super-fast loading speed and great search engine rankings.


Who are we?

Our very special team now includes about twenty video games addicts, sport enthusiasts, cruciverbists, cool mommies and embarrassing daddies. There are even a few who likes fantasy wrestling.

When they regain a minimum of thoroughness, they are graphic designers, frontend developers, backend programmers, and are part of a whole customer support team obsessed with your success.

Colre value

Let's play

We like to PLAY for fun
We love to PLAY with the limits
We prefer to PLAY in the big leagues


RubberDuck Grand Prix events

A RubberDuck Grand Prix is a race in which 5,000 bath ducks will be dropped from the top of a bridge into a river, and pushed by the current towards the finish line located a few hundred meters downstream.

Local businesses and citizens are sponsoring ducks in the hopes of winning the prizes handed out for the winners of the race.

Profits from each event are donated to a foundation that supports different causes in the region.

Rubber ducking

Where does the name RubberDuck come from?

In programming, the “rubberducking” method consists of explaining a problem in the code or a bug that is holding us back to a colleague or to an inanimate object such as a rubber duck. Just expressing our thoughts out loud allows us to find our mistakes, fix them, and get on with our work.