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RubberDuck is a CMS designed for traditional marketing teams and web strategy agencies.
We are listening when the marketing experts speak and we develop solutions to the problems they express.


What is RubberDuck?

RubberDuck is the alternative to the aging CMS that you currently have to deal with for the management of your clients' websites, for lack of a better option.

+ For the agency

  • Manage all of your clients' sites in the same interface, without having to change URL and reconnect each time.
  • Access all functionalities of a complete SEO/SEM strategy, without having to code or to find your way in server files.
  • Take advantage of the features of your favorite SEO/SEM tools directly in RubberDuck, without paying crazy high monthly fees.
  • Provide your customers with robust, fast, flexible, W3C compliant and SEO ready websites.
  • Teach any member of your team, in less than an hour, how to design quality websites with RubberDuck. (or use RubberDuck's free services to do it for you).
  • Get your questions answered quickly with a simple call or email to our team.

+ For the client

  • Stop paying for themes updates and plugins. Instead, invest in the constant evolution of your website.
  • Turn your website into a web app or an e-commerce storefront if you wish. RubberDuck allows you to integrate and connect any platform you already use on a daily basis.
  • Make your life easier with the simple and efficient content management multilingual interface with a built-in translation functionality.
  • Choose a theme from the library or ask an agency you trust to build a custom website from scratch.
  • A couple of minutes will be enough to teach the members of your team how to use RubberDuck to manage your company's website.
  • Prepare your company for the world of connected objects, artificial intelligence and big data. The RubberDuck API will allow you to seize all the innovation opportunities in your industry.

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Built-in features

On top of a full SEO and web marketing tools suite, you'll find :
Multi-sites management Multi-languages management
Multi-users management Multi-access management

Simple and transparent pricing

The RubberDuck formula


Inclus :

Constant evolutions & automatic updates

  • High Security Web Hosting
  • SSL Security
  • Technical support
  • Teaching & Training

Choose any number of free features that fit your project

Products & Services

Popups & Forms

Jobs & Careers

Blog & News

Teams & Members

Case Studies & Portfolio

Appointments & Bookings

Calendar & Events

Local & Landing pages

Reviews & Testimonials

Contest & Promotions

"At the moment, our customers have to pay developers hundreds of dollars a month to make sure their website is not compromised or made obsolete due to plugin updates or security vulnerabilities.

With RubberDuck, the monthly payment they pay becomes more of an investment that allows their websites to evolve and improve constantly. It's so much easier to sell! ”

- Stéphane S. Lupien, Sépia Groupe Créatif

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