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Need a website builder? RubberDuck does it better.

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RubberDuck helps you build websites faster, without having to sacrifice on quality.

It offers a funnier, quicker and easier experience when building a website.

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Full onboarding and support

Building a new website can be scary. We're here for you!

You are new to RubberDuck? We will gladly provide full support and one-on-one training to help you build your first website.

Thereafter, our team will remain available to support you in the daily operation of your website.

Partner program for agencies and freelancers

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RubberDuck Partner Program is open to any agencies, freelancers, and consultants who offer services in the fields of marketing, web and IT support.

Get access to dedicated features and tools for partners and start generating recurring revenues.

Feels just like a video game

An easy-to-use tool that is constantly evolving