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Streamlining website design

No code. No plugins. No trouble.


Work better, not harder

The confidence you need to keep web projects in-house

By imagining a new, more intuitive way to build websites and by adopting a one of a kind business model, RubberDuck demonstrates that it is possible to achieve a perfect balance between functionality and flexibility.

From the user-friendly interface to the shortened learning curve, everything in RubberDuck is designed to just make sense.

Keep your mind at peace

AWS Infrastructure

99,9% uptime

Zero maintenance

Stable and secure

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Enjoy better websites performance

RubberDuck themes, sporting neat and elegant design, are studied and optimized to achieve unparalleled conversion rates and loading speeds.

The complete suite of advanced SEO tools in RubberDuck gives marketing people all the flexibility they need to fulfill their tasks effectively.

Payment • CRM • Shipping • Newsletter • Accounting • ERP

Connect your favorite tools

E-Commerce tools

Launch an online store quickly

Discover a platform equipped with all the e-commerce functionalities you need to create, manage and develop an online store efficiently.

Integrate the store with a website seamlessly, and connect your favorite tools to receive payments and manage shipping providers.

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