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Professional websites without compromise

Manage and grow your online presence, easier than ever

Focus on flawless execution

Launch an online store, promote services or simply get new leads. You can do it all with RubberDuck!

Switchable templates library

Choose from an exciting library of public designer-made fully responsive templates suitable for all business fields. Switch templates whenever you want with a more recent one to benefit from the latest advances in state-of-the-art design and always stay on top technologically and visually.

Built-in Apps & integrations

Eliminate the need for multiple plugins. Learn about built-in apps and integrations developed to meet every need you may have. Portfolio, blog, calendar, form builder, etc., explore a host of exciting tools and connect them to your favorite platforms.

Simple and enjoyable content management

Manage and personnalize every page of your website quickly with RubberDuck’s easy-to-use drag & drop tool. Zero coding required. Get the best multilingual content management tools with auto populate features and quick translation in any number of languages.

One password to rule them all

Manage all your websites in one place with one password. Quickly navigate between different websites. Assign roles and permissions according to your needs and facilitate communications with your web expert or marketing agency.

RubberDuck has given us the confidence to keep web projects in-house, and our clients are happier than ever because of that.

Work smarter, not harder

From the user-friendly interface to his one of a kind business model, everything in RubberDuck is designed to just make sense.

Quickly add posts to your blog, products to your online store, or events to your calendar.

Easily modify the content of your pages, the details of your portfolio items and the available positions for which you wish to receive applications.

Keep your mind at peace

AWS infrastructure • 99.9% uptime • Zero maintenance • Enhanced security

Enjoy better websites performance

RubberDuck websites are built for optimal performance and blazing speed to keep both visitors and search engines happy.

Enjoy built-in optimization features and seamless integration with your analytic tools.

Built-in SEO tools include schemas and metadata controls, automatic XML sitemaps, easy 301 redirects, canonical tags and much more.

Iterate on different layouts and quickly elevate your conversion rates.

Sell your products online

Build your product catalogue, prepare your product pages with multiple photos, product options and variants, and detailed descriptions to create an flawless buying experience to transform visitors into customers.

Keep control over sales territories, shipping charges and delivery options, ship internationally, and manage currencies to your liking.

View sales and deals, apply discounts, and create promo codes or group rebates.

Connect your favorite tools

Payment • CRM • Shipping • Newsletter • Accounting • ERP










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